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Kislovodsk was included in the European Historic Thermal Towns Association


qljeaddjmqqhqnnpwu hsmqecofuovvml.JPGNow the Association includes 41 participants from 16 countries, it’s a real mixture of cultures and traditions. Their common feature is the use of the waters of the hot thermal springs for treatment.

The city-resort of Kislovodsk has always been closely associated with the use of thermal springs. It is reflected in the architecture, the culture, the traditions and the tourism too. Many buildings of the city are recognized as historical monuments. They date back to the XIX century.

Now the visitors of Kislovodsk can use more than fifty sources, the most popular of them is the Narzan gallery.

The resort of Kislovodsk was included in the route of European balneology, covering the territory from Lisbon to the Caucasus.


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