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Suntrek Tour meets guests from South Korea


Майкоп, парк.JPGAs far as we know, the summer of 2018 has come to an end. We have had a lot of interesting things this season, but we want to tell about one of the most memorable events - the arrival of guests from South Korea (by the way, it was the first time when we had tourists from this country ). Ставраполь.JPG5 tourists made a 9-day trip through the North Caucasus, all participants were mature enough, for example, the oldest man was born in 1938. So, he could compete with our Caucasian centenarians! ))

The first point for them was Elista, where foreigners saw the light-musical fountain "Three lotuses", the statue "Buddha Shakyamuni", the gate "Altn Bosch" and other things.

Ставраполь, крепостная стена.JPG

Then the route passed through Stavropol to Armavir where tourists saw 5-meter skeletons of southern elephants in the Local Lore Museum. Then the excursion took place in Maykop, where our guide - Evgeniy met our tourists in a family way and offered them traditional treats.Майкопская мечеть.JPG

The next point of the program was Cherkessk and Pyatigorsk. The last one is the main city of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, where guests strolled along the magnificent park "Tsvetnik", climbed to Eolova Arfa that has a gorgeous panoramic platform with a view of town and the Caucasian ridge. Later they saw the famous underground lake "Proval".

Мемориал.JPGThe further way was through Nalchik to Vladikavkaz. From there we went to the capital of the Chechen Republic - Grozny. The end point was Makhachkala.

During the trip, there was a benevolent atmosphere. Tourists managed to communicate with local residents, try their cuisine, including kvass, watermelon and melon. They were delighted with lamb barbecue! Our guides were very pleased to work with our new friends. Because of their national characteristics, such as hardworking and punctuality, they coped with the whole excursion route persistently and remained cheerful, despite the long-distance traveling. So, we can certainly say: The trip had a success! 


Ski season on Elbrus
Ski season was opened on the first day of winter 
North Ossetia is open for guests from abroad

The Republic of RSO-Alania was excluded from the list of territories with restricted entry for foreign citizens 

Archaeological news
An ancient necropolis has been found in Ingushetia, and the settlement "Nizhny Dzhulat" will be studied again


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