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Comment on the tour "Weekend in mountain Ingushetia", August 2015

Comment on the tour "Weekend in mountain Ingushetia", August 2015

First, I was going to visit Chechnya and I started searching who would offer a three-day individual tour to me, as there were particular places that I wanted to see. Having surfed the entire Internet, I finally selected the companies that made good offers to me. That is when I got a completely unexpected offer from Sun Trek company: “Why don't you want to combine a trip to Chechnya with one to Ingushetia?” I was surprised and became slightly stuporous because I did not know anything about Ingushetia. I googled "the sights of Ingushetia" – and then I knew - I necessarily need to go there! I'll tell the truth, I got the tour operator's nerves while the route was being designed and all its parts were being combined. Finally, I had to choose one destination: either Chechnya or Ingushetia – I chose the last one…

I loved the tour very much, and I wish I had more time!

During this trip I regretted that I didn’t have a professional camera because Ingushetia produced on me as strong impression as Iceland did; I wanted to take pictures of every road turn and every mountain slope. This is the place, where I surely want to come back. Perhaps, someday I will manage to schedule one more visit to this surprising land, I'll take a walk across the slopes and places where I have already been and where I wish to be...

I would add to the program one day for ascension to Stolovaya mountain to Myat Seli, and another day for rest so that we could drive to Nazran and see the Memorial of repressed peoples. If only I could have that couple of days! 

My mother almost coped; she only didn't climb Erzi on the first day because it was raining and the slope was wet. On the other hand she reached Vovnushki... crawling.

Our guide was just wonderful; probably it is impossible to find a better one in Ingushetia!  Actually, I had read about him before, but I just didn’t think we would have him... Thus, I am lost in admiration…  

I will certainly recommend Ingushetia to my acquaintances, and friends, I'll write about it at the tourist forum. Ingushetia for me is one of the greatest tourist impressions, just like Iceland... These two countries are on the first place for me... 

Thanks one more time for the organization of this tour!

Elena, August 2015 


Getting to Azerbaijan from Dagestan will become easier

The border crossing for railway transport in Yarag — Kazmalyar, which is located on the territory of Dagestan, is going to be simplified 

The festival "Days of the North Caucasus» is planned to be held abroad

The Fund "Visit Caucasus" will organize the festival "Days of the North Caucasus" in Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey or the UAE during 2019 

The electronic queue may appear at the Russian-Georgian border
The electronic queue system is planned at the checkpoint "Verkhny Lars" in North Ossetia


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