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Individual Tour through Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia< North Ossetia, Elbrus Region. October 2017

Individual Tour through Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia< North Ossetia, Elbrus Region. October 2017 The journey began in Machakhala, Dagestan, where I was met by my tour guide, Gadzhimurad. From the moment, I met him he came off as a cool, level headed, brilliant and VERY knowledgeable guy! The streets of Machakhala are pretty crazy with people weaving in and out of traffic and doing some crazy things. As they say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and Gadzhimurad gave me a very positive first impression of not only Dagestan but the entire Caucasus.

From Dagestan, I continued to Chechnya, where I stayed in Grozny, then kept heading east to Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia. I loved Grozny, it is a modern beautiful city with absolutely no trace of war and not the dangerous and scary place portrayed by the foreign media and even Russians. The food is good, the accommodations are great and it is easy to get around.

When I reached Vladikavkaz, I was met by a great guide by the name of Eldar, who gave me a wonderful walking tour of his beautiful quaint city. The next day I went into the mountains to visit Kurtatin Gorge, The Men’s Monastery and The City of the Dead Dargavs. The scenery was so beautiful and so stunning. I come from a place, Seattle, Washington, USA, where there are a lot of mountains so I’ve seen some pretty spectacular scenery, but the mountains of Ossetia were unbelievable!!

After Ossetia, I felt nothing could get any better! I was under this impression until I visited Mountainous Ingushetia. The mountains and the Watch Towers that dotted the Ingushetian mountainsides were like something out of a fairy tale!! Each place that I was taken to by my tour guide was even more spectacular than the last place. I loved all the places I visited, but if pressed, I would have to say Mountainous Ingushetia was my favorite, but I still find myself debating this question.

After Mountainous Ingushetia, I was transferred to Mt. Elbrus. My driver was wonderful! Since I speak fluent Russian we had really good conversations on our long drive to Elbrus. He drove safely and best of all did not smoke. Unfortunately, due to weather, going up to Mt. Elbrus did not work out.

My impressions of my tour to The Northern Caucasus are off the map positive. I loved the region, the people, the food, the hospitality and most of all the breathtaking scenery. Most of my guides were excellent and so professional. Active Sun Trek tours really made sure I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and were very attentive to all my needs. I was impressed on how they went to great lengths to assure that I was happy and pleased with my tour. Thank you, Evgeniya and all those who made my tour a GREAT success! I will certainly be back for more soon)))))) !

Steve B.
October 2017

Getting to Azerbaijan from Dagestan will become easier

The border crossing for railway transport in Yarag — Kazmalyar, which is located on the territory of Dagestan, is going to be simplified 

The festival "Days of the North Caucasus» is planned to be held abroad

The Fund "Visit Caucasus" will organize the festival "Days of the North Caucasus" in Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey or the UAE during 2019 

The electronic queue may appear at the Russian-Georgian border
The electronic queue system is planned at the checkpoint "Verkhny Lars" in North Ossetia


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