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Ascent of Elbrus from the South - 2018

Region: Russia (Stavropol territory, Kabardino-Balkar republic)
Duration: 8 days/7 nights 

Dates for 2018: 12-20.05 
Tourism type:

Group size: 6-12 people
Level of training:
good physical shape
Minimum age:
16 y. o.
Service level:  
Medium comfort

Mount Elbrus is the highest summit not only of the Caucasus but of Europe. This rocky giant attracts a huge amount of climbers. Even though our route is not very hard technically, it still contains a number of dangers with the changeable weather as the most important. The best season for ascents – mid-July\ end of August.
Also, it is important to remember that 60% of successful ascent depends on a guide. Our company collaborates only with successful and professional guides, who have vast experience in ascending not only Elbrus but other summits of the world. Acclimatization process and ascent program has been thoroughly tested; highly experienced guides help you throughout the whole journey and take full control of the process.

A distinctive feature of our tour is accommodation in new high-altitude hotel LeapRus. The hotel is unique not only in Russia but also in the world. It gives you an opportunity to acclimatize with comfort at the altitude of more than 3912m. It is equipped with cafe, toilets and drying room, and sleeping modules have a room for rest with a full-wall panoramic window from where you can enjoy the view of Great Caucasus Mountain Chain from the height of bird fly.   

And only breathtaking views of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Chain will remind you that you are at the slope of Elbrus right under the clouds. At your request, we will provide accommodation at standard “bochki” huts. Additional services during the program: snowboarding and skiing during acclimatization trekking, mountain skiing guides, individual guide services, helicopter flights, video and photo recording, bodyguard services, corporate ascents.

Watch film about ski-tour on Elbrus south March 2014

Hotel Snowcat LeapRus LeapRus  LeapRus LeapRus LeapRus working HARD A rest Almost on the top Returning down on the way to the waterfull Girlish Braids ascent by the ratrak first cableway to Elbrus view of Elbrus

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"Elbrusgrad" – a film about the Elbrus region
This film will work for improving tourism in the Republic
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The opening ceremony of the first Chechen ski resort "Veduchi" will take place on the 26th of January 
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