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Ascent of Elbrus from the South - 2019

Tourism type: ascents
Dates for 2019: 06.07-13.07, 20.07 – 27.07, 10.08-17.08.2019
Region: Russia (Kabardino-Balkar republic)
Duration: 8 days/7 nights
Level of training: good physical shape, alpine training (level beginner) is welcome
Groupe: from 6 people
Minimal age: 16 y.o.
Service: standard
Itinerary: Mineralnye Vody airport- Terskol - Barrels on Elbrus - Elbrus top 5642m - Barrels on Elbrus - Terskol - Mineralnye Vody airport

Mount Elbrus is the highest summit not only of the Caucasus but of Europe. This rocky giant attracts huge amount of climbers. Our route is not very hard technically (by the climbing classification the ascent of Elbrus from the South (the top of Western summit of Elbrus or Eastern), defined as the route 2A category of difficulty). 
At the same time, it requires the use of special climbing equipment: crampons, ice axe (you will teach to the use them during the studies on the technique of movement on snow and ice).
Climbing Elbrus from the South gives the opportunity to see the whole Caucasus from the height. Ascent at a dawn is especially memorable - a huge shadow of Elbrus stays in the rays of the rising sun in the West. 

Watch film about ski-tour on Elbrus south March 2014

Hotel Snowcat LeapRus LeapRus  LeapRus LeapRus LeapRus working HARD A rest Almost on the top Returning down on the way to the waterfull Girlish Braids ascent by the ratrak first cableway to Elbrus view of Elbrus

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