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Entomological tours

North Caucasus is a very interesting destination for the insects collectors. We have quite many endemic & rare species which have a large interest because of their connections with the European & Asian faunas.
Collecting season at the lowland part of the region (Mineralnye Vody, Anapa, Sochi, etc) starts at the end of the April. During the mid & late spring you could find here different species of such popular genuses like Dorcadion, Brachyta, Phytoecia, Platycerus, Aesalus, different Curculionidae, Carabus, Procerus (beetles) & Zerynthia, Colias, etc (butterflies).

The weather at those period could be very changeable. During the same day you could swim at the Black sea and go skiing in the high mountains. Anyway the steppes at the spring are very beautiful & colorful because of the different flowers in the bloom. Early summer is also very good for different Cerambycidae, Carabidae, Lucanidae, Lycaenidae.

From the mid of the June we could find such amazing species as Lucanus ibericus & L. cervus, Protaetia & Cetonischema, and different Carabus which occur at the higher attitudes – Cechenochilus, Tribax, Archiplectes, plus many interesting Pieridae & Nymphalidae, Parnassius. The second part of summer is the best time for collecting our local Parnassius species (P. nordmanni).
 Closer to the autumn our forests became more & more beautiful because of the amazing leaves color.

So, you could find many interesting stuff (and have an interesting excursions) during whole “warm” time of the year. And our professional guides will help you to catch as much wanted species as it will be possible.


From the steppes to the Elbrus

From the steppes to the Elbrus

Mineral Waters is an interesting area where you can collect insects at the steppes & the low mountains forests. Also it’s a good starting point for the trip at the Elbrus mountain, the highest mountain of the whole Europe. Collecting season here is from May till the August.

Red Fox Elbrus Race 2019
Applications for participation in the festival of extreme sports has already started
Сable car may appear in Derbent

Сable will be built in Derbent to attract even more tourists 

Tourist visit center was opened in Kislovodsk

The new visit center intended for tourists’ acquaintance with the city was opened in the Narzan baths in Kislovodsk  


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