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Trip to Ingushetia

Type: active trip
Dates for 2017: for request
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Region: Russia (Stavropol Krai, Ingush republic, North Ossetia-Alania republic)
Difficulty: training not required
Minimal age: 12 years
Group: 2 or more
Service: comfort

NB! Part of this route lies within border zone. It takes 40 days to prepare a border pass.

Day 1

We start from Caucasus Mineral Waters Region. Departure to North Ossetia’s capital Vladikavkaz. Along the way the guide will tell you about history and culture of republic. We will pass the North Ossetia and go to Ingushetia. The real pearl in Ingushetia’s crown is Dzheirakhskoye gorge. It is basically open-air museum. Here are 92 landmarks, including famous Ingush guard towers. Some structures date back to 2nd century B.C. and unique climate as good as in famous resorts Dombai and Elbrus Region. The first point of interest is Erzi castles, which means “eagle” in Ingush. They are nine well preserved towers above Armkhi river. Towers and walls are built of river stones without foundation, directly on the rock. The height of towers is 25-30 meters and walls are 6 meters thick. It was built approximately in 17th century. After the tour around the castle area the group goes through Lyazhginskoye gorge to the Armkhi resort hotel. Free time. Lunch. Then you will go up the cable way to the mountain where you will have a chance to fully see the beauty of the gorge. Dinner.
Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel. Checking out. To continue we go to Tseilomsky pass and arrive to castle of Egikal. This castle is located in Targimskaya kettle at the foot of Tsey-Loam mountain. It used to be a cultural, political and economical center of Middle Age. You will also get to see ancient orthodox temple Tkhaba-Erdy not far from Russian-Georgian border. Archeologists noticed this unusual construction in the late 18th century but still don’t have conclusion about it. According to different sources it was built in the period from 8th to 14th century. If those in favor of 8th century are right then it is one of the oldest orthodox temple on the territory of Russia. Tkhaba-Erdy amazes with its combination of cultural and architectural tendencies of that time. This temple is a rare evidence of historical succession in North Caucasus. We carry on to Tkhabars gorge where you will see castles of Niyi and Tsori. Lunch on the way (lunchboxes). Finally we will visit one of the most interesting tower complexes of Ingushetia, Vovnushki. Two out of three main towers are located on the top of the rock and the other is on the top of the opposite rock. These towers attract attention from far away. Located in the picturesque gorge of Guloi-khi they make beautiful ensemble along with impressive rocks and ranges of Caucasus. People tell many legends about Vovnushki but one of them may be true. Once during the siege of the towers Nakh woman saved many babies. When one of the towers were set on fire she carried babies along the thin rope that remained from hanging bridge between two towers of Vovnushki. Then tourists will return to Caucasus Mineral Water at night. Upon request checking in the hotel, dinner.

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