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Freeride and backcountry

Ski touring is a kind of backcountry skiing.

What exactly is ski touring?
You’re going up the slope without the use of lift, helicopter or snowcat in remote places, far from marked pistes, you put on skis or snowboard and slide down the slope. It makes ski touring an interesting mixture of climbing and downhill.

What you are going to need in ski touring

In ski touring, when climbing, specially modified ski equipment for easier uphill and downhill travel is used. Skis resemble regular ones, but they are much lighter. Some travelers use regular alpine skis but use special alpine touring binding or alpine trekkers.
Specially designed bindings are lighter and easier to use. With only the toe fixed it leaves the heel free on ascent. Climbing post allows adjusting the height of the heel so that the foot stays horizontal with any degree of the slope. To prevent skis from sliding on the ascent climbing skins are used. It is put on the sliding surface of the skis and its fibers prevent the sliding. It allows comfortable ascent on the slope up to 35 degrees. At the top you remove skins, fix your heel and now you have perfect downhill skis.

Ski touring on mountain resorts of Russia

Ski touring is a unique mixture of free motion, physical exercises and downhill on the purest white snow that gives you amazing feeling of trailblazing. These tours are truly peaceful: no fuss, just pristine nature, glowing snow and great company, these are integral elements of perfect recreation amid picturesque wilderness. Deliberate pace of ascent helps to clear your mind like good meditation and absence of cell coverage makes you completely forget about the civilization.
Ski touring is a popular type of eco-tourism among people who appreciate sliding down the untouched snow, which is something no piste can provide. Skis make climbing easier in late spring and early summer, when the snow is still thick.

Ski-tour on Elbrus with ascent from the south

Ski-tour on Elbrus with ascent from the south

Combine extreme skiing and ascent at the highest mountain in Europe with comfort of hotels and cableways. This classic route from the south side gives you many opportunities to encrease your experience. 
12.05.2018 - 20.05.2018
Ski tour with ascent on Elbrus from the North

Ski tour with ascent on Elbrus from the North

We invite you to join our unique ski-tour that combines virgin scenaries of North Elbrus side and ascent by a difficult route in harsh conditions! You will definately enjoy skiing in the middle of the summer!

20.04.2018 - 29.04.2018
18.05.2018 - 27.05.2018
Ski touring Dombai – Elbrus and climbing Elbrus from south side 2017

Ski touring Dombai – Elbrus and climbing Elbrus from south side 2017

We present you a new ski touring on Caucasus. During 11 days you’ll be able to discover places hidden from a regular ski or snowboard enthusiast. You’ll experience amazing combination of mountain and classic ski tour.  And of course, the main feature of this program is the ascent to Elbrus.


Ski season on Elbrus
Ski season was opened on the first day of winter 
North Ossetia is open for guests from abroad

The Republic of RSO-Alania was excluded from the list of territories with restricted entry for foreign citizens 

Archaeological news
An ancient necropolis has been found in Ingushetia, and the settlement "Nizhny Dzhulat" will be studied again


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